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Fact Sheet Treuhandbüro Sutter AG

Core Company Information
Company Name Treuhandbüro Sutter AG
Company UID CHE-100.188.022
Alternative / previous Names Treuhandbüro Sutter + Partner AG
Domicile Langnau im Emmental
Canton BE
Legal Form Limited corporation
Firm Inscription Date 03.03.1995
Takeovers: TBS Langnau AG (CHE-107.217.593), per 21.01.2003
FAOA Information
FAOA ID 502307
RAB Permission licensed audit expert
FAOA License active
Link to FAOA website View auditor profile at FAOA
Branch offices (0) -
Membership in Associations TREUHAND|SUISSE
Number of auditors with permission 2  (41.50 audit engagements per employee on average)
Auditor Statistics

Average engagement duration: 13.1 years (max.: 28.1 years)

Total number of statutory audit engagements: 83 (Ranked #121 in Switzerland)

Change in number of audit engagements: - (since 31.12.2020), -1 (over the last 12 months)

Details regarding the distribution of the audit engagements across legal forms and cantons are depicted in the table below.

  Bern Luzern
Limited corporation 59 1 60
Limited liability company 4   4
Foundation 12   12
Cooperative 4   4
Association 3   3
82 1 83

This auditor is recorded as statutory auditor for 21 deleted entities. These are not included in the table above.

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Latest audit engagements
These are this auditor's latest audit engagements.
Client Name Client UID Domicile Start Date Type of switch Auditor Branch
KW Bärau AG CHE-103.496.744 Langnau im Emmental 15.01.2021 Auditor switch Langnau im Emmental
Metzgerei Nyffenegger AG CHE-459.991.023 Lauperswil 23.09.2020 First auditor Langnau im Emmental
Metzgerei Hähni AG CHE-187.881.740 Rüegsau 17.06.2020 First auditor Langnau im Emmental
Dialog Holzbau AG CHE-226.104.062 Signau 31.05.2019 First auditor Langnau im Emmental
Genossenschaft Alterssiedlung Trubschachen CHE-101.952.990 Trubschachen 24.05.2019 Auditor switch Langnau im Emmental
Discontinued audit engagements
The following audit engagements were lost recently, either to a competitor, due to auditor resignation or due to an opting out.
Client Name Client UID Domicile End Date Reason Auditor Branch
Personalfürsorgestiftung der Firma Gebr. Lerch, Inh. Andreas Lerch CHE-111.969.986 Lützelflüh 22.01.2021 Auditor switch Langnau im Emmental
Patronale Stiftung der Firma Lemann & Co. AG CHE-109.777.124 Langnau im Emmental 07.12.2020 Auditor switch Langnau im Emmental
Schneider Consulting GmbH CHE-104.024.885 Langnau im Emmental 20.03.2020 Opting-out Langnau im Emmental
F. Ramseier AG CHE-105.798.067 Lauperswil 20.09.2019 Opting-out Langnau im Emmental
Johann Ernst Egli Stiftung CHE-115.122.782 Schangnau 19.09.2019 Opting-out Langnau im Emmental