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Solidarité Universitaire pour le Développement-SUD

Core Company Information
Company Name Solidarité Universitaire pour le Développement-SUD
Company UID CHE-100.856.645
CH-ID CH-550.0.175.483-3
Domicile Lausanne (VD)
Legal Form Foundation
Status active
Firm Inscription Date 23.03.1998
Firm Deletion Date n/a
Address and Contact Details
Address c/o Edgar Gnansounou
Chemin de la Petite-Source 27
1010 Lausanne
Information about this company's auditor

This company does not have a statutory auditor.

Opting out: 08.10.2019

Auditor History
Auditor Start End
Doxior cabinet fiduciaire S.à r.l., Aubonne (CHE-108.697.474 05.08.2008 19.12.2019
Meta Information & Actions
Last auditor check 20.12.2019 20:05:08
Last Update of Non-Auditor Information 20.12.2019 20:05:07
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