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Cardiosmart AG

Core Company Information
Company Name Cardiosmart AG
Company UID CHE-100.417.607
Domicile Muri (AG)
Legal Form Limited corporation
Capital (CHF, nominal / paid up) 650'000 / 650'000 (registered shares)
Status erased
Firm Inscription Date 19.05.1999
Firm Deletion Date 28.03.2008
Reason for liquidation Merger
Previous domiciles
(in other cantons)
Fribourg (FR), bis 21.07.2005
Current Statutory Auditor
Auditor Name Marcel Widmer, Treuhand, Unternehmensberatung
Auditor UID (Branch) CHE-106.712.068
Auditor Place (Branch) Reinach AG
Auditor UID (Head Office) CHE-106.712.068
Auditor RAB-ID
Auditor Permission Type
FAOA License unknown
Link to FAOA website n/a
Auditor Overall Status N/A
(Audited firm does not exist anymore.)

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