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Client list for PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (CHE-106.839.438)

Number of clients: 444
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Abionic SA Epalinges VD Ltd 18.11.2015 4.55 - Pully CHE-116.048.131
AC Immune SA Ecublens (VD) VD Ltd 04.09.2018 1.75 - Pully CHE-109.878.825
ADC Therapeutics SA Epalinges VD Ltd 09.12.2015 4.49 - Pully CHE-461.408.645
AEEPOWER HOLDINGS Sàrl Lausanne VD LLC 28.11.2019 0.52 - Pully CHE-421.311.407
Agence mondiale antidopage Lausanne VD Foundation 15.02.2008 12.31 - Pully CHE-109.528.420
AGF Holding SA Lausanne VD Ltd 30.05.2008 12.02 - Pully CHE-109.898.147
Agrifert SA Lausanne VD Ltd 06.07.1998 21.93 - Pully CHE-108.650.343
Aiglon Collège Services S.A. Ollon VD Ltd 27.04.2011 9.11 - Pully CHE-107.049.315
AIRESIS SA Montreux VD Ltd 29.06.2010 9.94 SIX (SPI) Pully CHE-101.826.115
Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA Ecublens (VD) VD Ltd 02.09.2011 8.76 - Pully CHE-114.416.910
Altux SA Lutry VD Ltd 02.07.1997 22.94 - Pully CHE-102.689.826
AMAZENTIS SA Ecublens (VD) VD Ltd 18.12.2007 12.47 - Pully CHE-113.979.754
Antarctica Asset Management (Suisse) SA Gland VD Ltd 11.01.2006 14.40 - Pully CHE-112.710.161
Apco Holding SA Aigle VD Ltd 04.07.2012 7.92 - Pully CHE-373.330.067
Apco Technologies S.A. Aigle VD Ltd 19.05.1993 27.06 - Pully CHE-107.430.655
APPLIC8 SA Nyon VD Ltd 21.06.2004 15.96 - Pully CHE-101.045.520
APREMADOL - Association pour la prévention et le maintien à domicile dans l'Ouest lausannois Renens (VD) VD Association 18.07.2017 2.88 - Pully CHE-106.071.016
Aquatis SA Crissier VD Ltd 25.06.2012 7.95 - Pully CHE-113.195.422
Arvine Holding S.A. Villars-sur-Glâne FR Ltd 02.07.1997 22.94 - Pully CHE-103.588.777
ASANTE SANA, Association pour l'aide, les soins à domicile et la prévention de l'Est vaudois Montreux VD Association 10.04.2017 3.15 - Pully CHE-116.108.709
ASPIVIX SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 04.09.2019 0.75 - Pully CHE-347.247.288
Association pour la promotion de la santé et le maintien à domicile - Couronne lausannoise Le Mont-sur-Lausanne VD Association 29.03.2017 3.18 - Pully CHE-102.391.806
Association pour la santé, la prévention et le maintien à domicile du Nord vaudois (ASPMAD) Montagny-près-Yverdon VD Association 11.01.2017 3.39 - Pully CHE-110.179.409
Association vaudoise d'aide et de soins à domicile Lausanne VD Special legal forms 07.11.2016 3.57 - Pully CHE-115.693.955
ATI Concept SA Puidoux VD Ltd 23.06.2004 15.96 - Pully CHE-103.177.747
Atrium Airport Hotel SA Meyrin GE Ltd 06.06.2019 0.99 - Pully CHE-484.522.401
Audemars Piguet (Marketing) SA Le Chenit VD Ltd 05.01.2006 14.42 - Pully CHE-112.702.517
Audemars Piguet (Suisse) SA Tolochenaz VD Ltd 21.10.2003 16.63 - Pully CHE-107.910.932
Audemars Piguet Holding S.A. Le Chenit VD Ltd 23.06.2000 19.96 - Pully CHE-101.265.949
Audio Technology Switzerland SA Romanel-sur-Lausanne VD Ltd 09.01.2012 8.41 - Pully CHE-292.555.614

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List generated on 03.06.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have PricewaterhouseCoopers AG recorded as statutory auditor: 4477.

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