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Client list for Fiduciaire FIDAG SA (CHE-295.846.108)

Number of clients: 60
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Alanan SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 14.04.1998 17.05.2021 Lens CHE-102.695.666
Amadeus Distribution Sàrl Crans-Montana VS LLC 19.12.2012 17.03.2021 Lens CHE-104.805.291
Aminona Luxury Resort and Village SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 04.12.2007 17.04.2023 Lens CHE-113.952.353
Anyway Eggs Sàrl en liquidation Sion VS LLC 11.08.2011 11.08.2011 Lens CHE-102.893.692
Association FIS Ski Alpin Championnats du monde 2027 Crans-Montana Crans-Montana VS Association 06.02.2023 07.07.2023 Lens CHE-459.210.789
Aurore Crans SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 09.01.1997 27.04.2021 Lens CHE-101.320.666
Barras Antoine & Fils Sàrl Lens VS LLC 09.09.2004 29.06.2023 Lens CHE-110.034.432
Carrosserie de la Vallée Rocchi SA Sierre VS Ltd 18.07.2007 18.07.2007 Lens CHE-105.155.165
Charly Mabillard SA Lens VS Ltd 19.05.2011 17.03.2020 Lens CHE-376.413.034
Crans-Montana Energies SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 22.11.2017 11.03.2022 Lens CHE-195.896.608
Crans-Montana Tourisme & Congrès (CMTC) Crans-Montana VS Association 11.11.2022 11.11.2022 Lens CHE-106.828.015
Felix Bureautique SA Sierre VS Ltd 17.04.2012 16.08.2017 Lens CHE-109.576.442
Felli Hôtel SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 02.06.2009 06.01.2017 Lens CHE-114.886.523
Finalogic AG Zürich ZH Ltd 13.10.2004 20.07.2017 Lens CHE-112.032.214
Fondation 21 Lens VS Foundation 08.01.2019 30.06.2023 Lens CHE-353.305.296
Fondation du foyer d'accueil Le Christ-Roi Lens VS Foundation 21.07.2009 02.09.2022 Lens CHE-108.032.955
Fondation Dutmala Sion VS Foundation 03.12.2012 26.05.2014 Lens CHE-447.866.664
Fondation Gabriel Tschopp Crans-Montana VS Foundation 05.01.2001 26.08.2022 Lens CHE-115.149.812
FONDATION GASTON-F. BARRAS - EUROPEAN MASTERS Lens VS Foundation 16.03.2022 30.06.2023 Lens CHE-319.054.100
Fondation Le Monument - Ancienne Consommation de Lens Lens VS Foundation 21.11.2023 21.11.2023 Lens CHE-431.802.902
Fondation Rosyland Fully VS Foundation 25.04.2016 26.04.2021 Lens CHE-426.447.600
Fondation St-Joseph - Don Bosco Sion VS Foundation 21.09.2021 11.10.2022 Lens CHE-455.576.205
Franlène SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 18.07.1997 31.03.2021 Lens CHE-103.029.012
Hôtel Mont-Paisible SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 12.06.1997 13.03.2023 Lens CHE-103.334.455
Hotur SA Sion VS Ltd 12.04.2000 03.02.2023 Lens CHE-101.366.898
Jean-Paul Barras Electricité SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 07.11.1997 21.10.2022 Lens CHE-103.610.336
Joël Rey Constructions SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 17.09.1997 24.04.2020 Lens CHE-108.117.391
Le Regent Crans-Montana College Foundation Lens VS Foundation 02.12.2016 30.06.2023 Lens CHE-172.929.094
Lienne-Raspille SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 26.10.2016 10.12.2021 Lens CHE-444.622.456
Lilimour SA Lens VS Ltd 21.07.1997 01.09.2023 Lens CHE-102.703.981

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List generated on 30.11.2023. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Fiduciaire FIDAG SA recorded as statutory auditor: 310.