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Client list for Bösch & Rinderer Revisions AG (CHE-110.468.003)

Number of clients: 49
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
A. Gantenbein Holzbau AG Grabs SG Ltd 06.02.2020 01.07.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-207.845.809
AKRON Technologies AG Amriswil TG Ltd 17.02.2021 22.06.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-102.056.271
Aprotech M. Beusch AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 02.12.1993 22.03.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-102.528.057
axelity ag Sargans SG Ltd 26.11.2018 04.02.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-208.556.414
Bänziger Partner AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 22.06.2004 13.04.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-111.719.219
Barix AG Zürich ZH Ltd 02.07.2021 02.07.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-105.687.663
Blumen Keusch AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 24.11.2004 10.08.2015 Buchs (SG) CHE-102.401.882
BUS SPORT AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 18.08.2006 13.05.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-106.775.382
davidmilla immobilien ag Au (SG) SG Ltd 21.06.2016 22.03.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-230.495.989
Elektra Gams Genossenschaft Gams SG Cooperative 10.11.2017 10.01.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-107.802.366
Elektro Hutter & Weder AG Diepoldsau SG Ltd 03.11.2004 03.01.2013 Buchs (SG) CHE-105.864.451
ENSAB Immobilien AG Sevelen SG Ltd 02.12.1992 05.05.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.980.029
Feld AG Sargans Sargans SG Ltd 30.07.2018 30.07.2018 Buchs (SG) CHE-102.589.509
Gadient Haustechnik AG Landquart GR Ltd 12.05.2022 12.05.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-393.980.021
GMG GmbH Buchs (SG) SG LLC 08.10.2009 11.10.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-109.864.527
GOP AG Aarburg AG Ltd 25.02.2011 09.05.2017 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.459.761
Hans Zöbisch AG Sevelen SG Ltd 08.09.2004 24.08.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.707.290
Hasler TU AG Oberriet (SG) SG Ltd 22.08.2019 22.08.2019 Buchs (SG) CHE-111.748.876
Hilty Mode AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 26.07.2004 24.11.2016 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.006.566
Hoch Holzbau AG Diepoldsau SG Ltd 20.11.2008 10.12.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-107.292.175
holz + baustoff ag, buchs Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 07.09.1992 17.12.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.142.092
Josef Jansen-Stiftung Oberriet (SG) SG Foundation 25.09.2006 26.09.2018 Buchs (SG) CHE-109.646.315
JUNG ARCHITEKTUR GMBH Glarus Nord GL LLC 09.03.2022 09.03.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-114.891.688
JUNG GENERALUNTERNEHMUNG GMBH Glarus Nord GL LLC 09.03.2022 09.03.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-248.760.406
K & R Malerei AG Sevelen SG Ltd 24.08.2004 02.03.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-106.825.979
Krämer Bau AG St.Gallen St. Gallen SG Ltd 31.01.2005 20.10.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-112.204.805
Kunststiftung GEDANKENBERG Sevelen SG Foundation 26.02.2019 12.05.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-239.722.482
Kunststoffwerk AG Buchs Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 03.05.2004 13.09.2013 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.988.806
Kyberna Informatik AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 20.02.2003 21.09.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-100.605.155
Lippuner Energie- und Metallbautechnik AG Grabs SG Ltd 24.11.2003 26.01.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-101.572.765

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List generated on 23.05.2022. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Bösch & Rinderer Revisions AG recorded as statutory auditor: 29.