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Client list for consis Wirtschaftsprüfung AG (CHE-109.619.838)

Number of clients: 98
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
1AS AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 16.09.2019 05.05.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-163.388.130
A. Kuster AG Weinfelden TG Ltd 02.12.2011 02.06.2020 Wil (SG) CHE-113.327.190
AAA Arbeit Agentur AG Münchwilen (TG) TG Ltd 08.03.2021 08.03.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-112.927.163
Appenzeller Kontaktlinsen AG Speicher AR Ltd 18.01.2010 01.09.2020 Wil (SG) CHE-115.341.864
ARS Winterthur AG Winterthur ZH Ltd 19.02.2020 19.02.2020 Wil (SG) CHE-178.296.620
ATRON Systems AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 23.06.2014 31.08.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-110.329.873
Augros AG Illnau-Effretikon ZH Ltd 14.11.2007 25.03.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-101.575.628
Automation + Controlsystem ACS AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 25.02.2019 25.02.2019 Wil (SG) CHE-107.701.216
Avalor Investment AG Zürich ZH Ltd 03.12.2012 27.05.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-112.380.218
B. Stillhart Dach + Fassaden AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 11.06.2007 30.12.2014 Wil (SG) CHE-113.666.829
Barandun AG Zürich ZH Ltd 05.03.2014 23.02.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-202.158.392
BCD-SINTRAG AG Opfikon ZH Ltd 06.11.2002 21.05.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-106.241.442
Beck Schwimmbadbau AG Winterthur ZH Ltd 15.06.2018 06.03.2019 Wil (SG) CHE-453.423.476
Bertozzi Energieplanung AG Winterthur ZH Ltd 28.12.2020 19.05.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-115.779.597
Brühwiler Transport AG Fischingen TG Ltd 08.05.2015 10.12.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-107.095.137
C. Huber Holzbau GmbH Egnach TG LLC 07.10.2020 12.07.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-112.021.423
C. und A. Kupper-Stiftung Zürich ZH Foundation 21.03.2013 21.03.2013 Wil (SG) CHE-112.342.695
cabletron AG Zürich ZH Ltd 26.07.2016 17.11.2021 Wil (SG) CHE-319.992.493
Centre médical Dr. Gnipieven Tekombo Winterthur ZH Foundation 05.11.2018 23.01.2019 Wil (SG) CHE-410.700.609
Cerbo Holding AG Winterthur ZH Ltd 16.12.2015 24.03.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-249.044.376
Christian Heimgartner-Stiftung Wil (SG) SG Foundation 27.01.2017 05.12.2018 Wil (SG) CHE-101.906.932
Confiserie Hirschy AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 10.12.2007 16.12.2019 Wil (SG) CHE-105.928.134
Eisenbahner Baugenossenschaft Wil Wil (SG) SG Cooperative 23.05.2008 05.07.2018 Wil (SG) CHE-101.893.270
Ernst und Annelies Grossenbacher-Güntzel-Stiftung St. Gallen SG Foundation 17.04.2012 04.02.2020 Wil (SG) CHE-110.194.604
Felix Gartenbau AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 08.03.2006 28.07.2016 Wil (SG) CHE-108.791.328
Fondation enfance sans frontières Zürich ZH Foundation 15.04.2020 15.04.2020 Wil (SG) CHE-114.839.446
G. Seiz AG Kirchberg (SG) SG Ltd 12.09.2006 04.01.2012 Wil (SG) CHE-105.804.495
Garage Baumann AG Jonschwil SG Ltd 04.01.2016 21.01.2016 Wil (SG) CHE-480.681.147
GBF Service GmbH Münchwilen (TG) TG LLC 08.03.2021 12.07.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-462.590.498
Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 06.06.2001 10.01.2022 Wil (SG) CHE-109.054.818

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List generated on 26.09.2022. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have consis Wirtschaftsprüfung AG recorded as statutory auditor: 15.