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Client list for Arcus Treuhand AG (CHE-107.570.167)

Number of clients: 11
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Axperience AG Thalwil ZH Ltd 09.07.2018 04.11.2020 Zürich CHE-114.584.329
Buchhofer AG Zürich ZH Ltd 26.05.1994 08.09.2017 Zürich CHE-108.064.949
E. Messerli Partner AG Oberrieden ZH Ltd 18.11.1994 01.07.2019 Zürich CHE-103.680.532
First Alliance & Capital Invest AG Zürich ZH Ltd 17.05.1999 05.06.2018 Zürich CHE-104.464.899
Landmaschinen und Metallbau Bühler AG Amriswil TG Ltd 10.08.2001 10.08.2001 Zürich CHE-101.727.602
Mediag Messe-Dienst AG Zürich in Liquidation Zürich ZH Ltd 29.03.1995 26.10.2015 Zürich CHE-107.903.116
Proventus AG Vermögensverwaltung Zürich ZH Ltd 02.12.1998 15.06.2021 Zürich CHE-104.899.582
Schwarze Zahlen AG Zürich ZH Ltd 18.12.2001 15.06.2021 Zürich CHE-107.412.545
Studentinnen-Kinderkrippe Genossenschaft Zürich ZH Cooperative 31.08.2011 02.03.2021 Zürich CHE-107.305.205
Transition Management Group Zürich ZH Association 10.05.2011 04.08.2016 Zürich CHE-227.944.372
ZÜRCHER JAMES JOYCE STIFTUNG Zürich ZH Foundation 06.07.2011 25.11.2015 Zürich CHE-107.341.170

List generated on 17.06.2021. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Arcus Treuhand AG recorded as statutory auditor: 12.

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