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Lastest Auditor Changes

Company Name Domicile Engagement Start New Auditor Previous Auditor
Fondation Fornachon Neuchâtel 17.04.2024 Fiduciaire Deuber & Beuret SA, Cortaillod Fiduciaire Vincent Deagostini, Milvignes
ZURO Pizza GmbH Bern 17.04.2024 OBT AG, Filiale St. Gallen, St. Gallen Revidas Revisionsgesellschaft AG, St. Gallen
Garden Center Meier SA Milvignes 17.04.2024 Fiduciaire Muller Christe & Associés SA, Neuchâtel Fiduciaire Vincent Deagostini, Milvignes
Ecole Riviera Sàrl Montreux 17.04.2024 Multifiduciaire Léman SA, Montreux BYC Fiduciaire SA, Martigny
La Roseraie - Fondation les réfugié-e-s d'hier accueillent les réfugié-e-s d'aujourd'hui Genève 17.04.2024 GAS Global Audit Services SA, Genève A. GAUTIER, Société Fiduciaire SA, Carouge (GE)
Bannek Werkzeug- und Formenbau AG Tübach 17.04.2024 OBT AG, Filiale St. Gallen, St. Gallen Revidas Revisionsgesellschaft AG, St. Gallen
Immopol SA Sorengo 17.04.2024 ATTEST audit & consulting SA, Lugano Udo Schiller Consulting, Lugano
EBT swiss engineering AG Eschenbach (SG) 17.04.2024 Wettstein & Partner Treuhand AG, Rapperswil-Jona Dürst Treuhand AG, Rüti (ZH)
finpension AG Luzern 17.04.2024 SWA Swiss Auditors AG, Freienbach OPTEX Audit AG, Kriens
Durovis AG Buchrain 17.04.2024 Acton Revisions AG, Zug Meier Partner Tax AG, Zug
Bättig Treuhand AG Luzern 17.04.2024 ST Schürmann Treuhand AG, Egerkingen JAM Group AG, Egerkingen
Barkat Cash + Carry GmbH Zürich 17.04.2024 PRT Revisions & Treuhand AG, Winterthur RTG Revisions- und Treuhandgesellschaft AG, Gossau (SG)
Vassalli Service AG Opfikon 17.04.2024 Ernst & Young AG, Zürich a&o kreston audit ag, Zürich
Lattimer SA Lugano 17.04.2024 Fideconsul Società di Revisione SA, Chiasso S&A Tax & Audit SA, Lugano
Agro-Import AG Härkingen 17.04.2024 Fischer + Partner Treuhand AG Solothurn, Solothurn Schönenberger Die Treuhänder AG, Muri bei Bern
Civitanavi Systems Ltd Zug 17.04.2024 BDO AG, Zürich Fellmann & Partner AG, Zug
Teknoimpianti SA Sant'Antonino 17.04.2024 Fidam Servizi SA, Chiasso JOLIFID CONSULTING di J. RUSIMBAMIGERA, Mendrisio
Stiftung Petersburg Zürich 17.04.2024 BTO Audit AG, Zürich RS-Treuhand René Stadelmann, Zug
Integral Stiftung für die berufliche Vorsorge Chur 17.04.2024 Balmer-Etienne AG, Luzern PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Chur
Stucki's Söhne AG Steffisburg 17.04.2024 Kämpf & Stauffer Treuhand AG, Interlaken Fidatio Treuhand AG, Steffisburg

Evolution of the Swiss Audit Market

The chart depicts the evolution of active limited companies (AG, SA) and limited liability companies (GmbH, Sàrl) and shows how many of them have a statutory auditor. The decline is strongly related to the possibility of an opting-out for companies with up to ten employees which was introduced in 2008. At the same time, the number of new company registrations has increased significantly over the last years, thus reducing the audit rate for limited companies and limited liability companies from around 64% in 2005 to currently less than 20%.