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Lastest Auditor Changes

Company Name Domicile Engagement Start New Auditor Previous Auditor
Schloss Wartegg Betriebs AG Rorschacherberg 23.09.2022 Buchhaltungs- und Treuhand AG Altstätten SG, Altstätten Fiscon Treuhand AG, Bülach
KAWO SERVICES AG Schaffhausen 23.09.2022 Bovadis Partner Treuhand AG, Schaffhausen TRETOR AG, Basel
VPD Vögele Pulverbeschichtungs AG Döttingen 23.09.2022 René Brunner Treuhand AG, Zürich Wimobag GmbH, Ehrendingen
Catram AG Chur 23.09.2022 BDO AG, St. Gallen PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, St. Gallen
Le Journal Agri Sàrl Lausanne 23.09.2022 PKF Fiduciaire SA, succursale de Vevey, Vevey PKF Fiduciaire SA, succursale de Lausanne, Lausanne
Fondation Saint-Martin Cottens (FR) 23.09.2022 Fiduciaire Ruffieux S.A., Bulle Anagest Révision S.A., Villars-sur-Glâne
A. & J. Stöckli AG Glarus 23.09.2022 BDO AG, Glarus Ernst & Young AG, Zürich
Radio Canal 3 AG Biel/Bienne 23.09.2022 Werlen & Squaratti Treuhand AG, Brig-Glis Audizia AG, Brügg
BESA QSys AG Bern 23.09.2022 Audisa AG für Wirtschaftsprüfung, Wattwil BDO AG, Luzern
Elektroingenieurbüro P. Keller + Partner AG Baden 22.09.2022 RKT AG, Muri bei Bern Ringger Revisions AG, Birr
Puissance 4 SA Cugy (FR) 22.09.2022 Fiduciaire Cuennet Sàrl, Bulle Fiduconsult Fribourg SA, Fribourg
BHL Béton SA Sion 22.09.2022 Ernst & Young AG, Zürich Deloitte AG, Zürich
VFS Global Investments AG Zürich 22.09.2022 Ernst & Young AG, Zürich PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich
AMIANTE EXIT Sàrl Satigny 22.09.2022 PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Pully MAZARS SA, Vernier
Optico AG Sevelen 22.09.2022 RevisionsPartner AG, Mels Triflex Treuhand AG, Aarau
Teleinformatik Services AG Zürich 22.09.2022 BDO AG, Wetzikon (ZH) IBP Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH in Liquidation, Wetzikon (ZH)
Primus financements et participations SA Belmont-Broye 22.09.2022 Fidutax Wirtschaftsberatung AG, Biel/Bienne marc hert Consulting Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH, Olten
ZENTRUM RÄMISMÜHLE Zell (ZH) 22.09.2022 OBT AG, Brugg OBT AG, Berikon
Travelport Switzerland AG Zürich 22.09.2022 BDO AG, Zürich RSM Audit Switzerland AG, Zweigniederlassung Zürich, Zürich
Fondation pour la recherche de la cardiologie universitaire de Genève (GECOR) Genève 22.09.2022 COLBA SA, Genève Duchosal Berney SA, Genève

Evolution of the Swiss Audit Market

The chart depicts the evolution of active limited companies (AG, SA) and limited liability companies (GmbH, Sàrl) and shows how many of them have a statutory auditor. The decline is strongly related to the possibility of an opting-out for companies with up to ten employees which was introduced in 2008. At the same time, the number of new company registrations has increased significantly over the last years, thus reducing the audit rate for limited companies and limited liability companies from around 64% in 2005 to currently less than 20%.