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3 Plus TV Network AG

Core Company Information
Company Name 3 Plus TV Network AG
Company UID CHE-112.994.171
Domicile Schlieren (ZH)
Legal Form Limited corporation
Capital (CHF, nominal / paid up) 100'000 / 100'000 (registered shares)
Status erased
Firm Inscription Date 26.06.2006
Firm Deletion Date 29.05.2020
Reason for liquidation Fusion
Information about this company's auditor
Auditor Name PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Auditor UID (Branch) CHE-251.833.951
Auditor Place (Branch) Aarau
Auditor UID (Head Office) CHE-106.839.438
Auditor RAB-ID 500003
Auditor Permission Type state-regulated audit firm
FAOA License active
Link to FAOA website View auditor profile at FAOA
Auditor Overall Status N/A
(Audited firm does not exist anymore.)
Engagement Duration 0.57 years (since 04.11.2019)
Auditor History
Auditor Start End
Dorizzi AG - Steuerberatung, Fällanden (CHE-102.558.466 30.06.2006 03.09.2007
Trevin AG Audit, Zürich (CHE-101.967.508 03.09.2007 13.12.2011
Heinz P. Keller Treuhand GmbH, Zürich (CHE-112.136.090 13.12.2011 20.02.2014
Binder Treuhand AG, Zürich (CHE-112.136.090 20.02.2014 04.11.2019
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Aarau (CHE-251.833.951 04.11.2019
Meta Information & Actions
Last auditor check 05.06.2020 19:08:48
Last Update of Non-Auditor Information 05.06.2020 19:08:42
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