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Client list for Fiduciaire FIDAG SA (CHE-494.133.656)

Number of clients: 227
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
AB Art Bois SA Sion VS Ltd 05.03.1997 06.11.2020 Sion CHE-107.471.281
Adea SA Sion VS Ltd 03.11.1997 n/a Sion CHE-101.264.080
agenceFIFApro SA Genève GE Ltd 07.01.2021 11.05.2021 Sion CHE-112.513.577
Air-Glaciers SA Sion VS Ltd 30.04.1998 07.07.2023 Sion CHE-105.760.320
AJS production SA Porrentruy JU Ltd 08.10.2008 05.05.2021 Sion CHE-109.240.278
Alhia Holding SA Sion VS Ltd 13.09.2007 04.04.2014 Sion CHE-113.804.600
Alhia Real Estate Holding SA Sion VS Ltd 09.04.2019 09.04.2019 Sion CHE-278.917.380
ALPCOM SA Sion VS Ltd 04.12.2003 23.02.2024 Sion CHE-110.322.606
ALPHA WasserTechnik AG Nidau BE Ltd 17.03.2017 02.06.2023 Sion CHE-284.231.061
AMTS SA Lausanne VD Ltd 22.07.2011 22.07.2011 Sion CHE-112.158.128
André Roduit SA Sion VS Ltd 14.08.2023 14.08.2023 Sion CHE-112.158.364
André Sierro SA Sion VS Ltd 18.02.1994 30.06.2021 Sion CHE-105.907.557
Anthamatten Immobilier SA Saint-Maurice VS Ltd 01.09.2011 24.02.2022 Sion CHE-351.173.641
Anthamatten Meubles S.A. Saint-Maurice VS Ltd 29.09.1997 07.01.2021 Sion CHE-105.755.247
Antom SA Leytron VS Ltd 26.07.2000 10.09.2020 Sion CHE-100.248.658
Applied Linguistics SA Sion VS Ltd 28.11.2008 07.04.2022 Sion CHE-104.506.463
ASE SA Chamoson VS Ltd 30.08.2011 05.05.2021 Sion CHE-104.534.318
Association de soutien, de gestion et de promotion de la Patrouille des Glaciers Sierre VS Association 20.09.2018 03.09.2021 Sion CHE-103.845.750
Association François-Xavier Bagnoud - FXB International Sion VS Association 23.08.2019 26.01.2023 Sion CHE-106.051.491
Association VINEA Sierre VS Association 26.09.2023 26.09.2023 Sion CHE-108.408.084
Astori SA Sion VS Ltd 29.12.2011 07.02.2024 Sion CHE-422.649.056
Atelier 4, Bureau d'Architectes SA Sion VS Ltd 26.11.2013 01.04.2015 Sion CHE-101.463.981
Ateliers de Chandoline SA Sion VS Ltd 31.01.2018 31.01.2018 Sion CHE-107.019.857
AWM Advisers SA Sion VS Ltd 13.11.2015 16.05.2022 Sion CHE-239.207.553
AXA Agence partenaire Vincent Borgeat SA Sion VS Ltd 15.04.1999 14.01.2019 Sion CHE-100.812.197
Axius SA Sion VS Ltd 21.04.1995 30.04.2002 Sion CHE-107.544.508
Axius Services SA Sion VS Ltd 05.09.2002 03.03.2020 Sion CHE-109.683.865
Aymon SA Ayent VS Ltd 29.10.1998 03.03.2020 Sion CHE-105.756.287
BARRAS Electricité Partners SA Lens VS Ltd 04.08.2023 04.08.2023 Sion CHE-204.315.691
Baumaterialien Gruber AG Leuk VS Ltd 29.05.2015 05.05.2023 Sion CHE-114.154.590

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List generated on 02.03.2024. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Fiduciaire FIDAG SA recorded as statutory auditor: 313.