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Client list for AEGERTER+BRÄNDLE AG für Steuer- und Wirtschaftsberatung (CHE-105.827.941)

Number of clients: 12
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Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Berliat AG Egnach TG 26.01.2009 11.10 Arbon CHE-107.084.754
Corlitum AG Horn TG 18.08.2010 9.54 Arbon CHE-107.078.819
Domini & Sign AG Appenzell AI 08.07.2011 8.65 Arbon CHE-332.102.681
HAT Engineering AG Steinach SG 03.10.2012 7.41 Arbon CHE-108.467.939
Kompaflex AG Egnach TG 23.12.2008 11.19 Arbon CHE-102.781.917
m-tec Prototypen AG Steinach SG 24.09.2012 7.44 Arbon CHE-101.641.426
Mähtrix AG Arbon TG 20.04.2007 12.87 Arbon CHE-113.570.394
Menu System AG St. Gallen SG 23.04.2009 10.86 Arbon CHE-108.400.510
Menu System Holding AG Herisau AR 14.05.2007 12.81 Arbon CHE-113.615.246
purwatec GmbH Wil (SG) SG 04.02.2020 0.07 Arbon CHE-114.326.773
Rüesch AG Rheineck SG 30.12.1999 20.18 Arbon CHE-101.132.662
Swiacasa Immobilien AG Volketswil ZH 18.06.1997 22.72 Arbon CHE-108.629.159

List generated on 29.02.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have AEGERTER+BRÄNDLE AG für Steuer- und Wirtschaftsberatung recorded as statutory auditor: 52.

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