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Client list for Grant Thornton AG (CHE-394.243.600)

Number of clients: 45
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Alea Partners Schweiz AG Zürich ZH Ltd 03.06.2021 03.08.2022 - Buchs (SG) CHE-115.958.444
Bike factory Graubünden AG Maienfeld GR Ltd 15.07.2015 25.07.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-115.100.823
Bike factory St.Gallen, Au/SG AG Au (SG) SG Ltd 22.12.2015 16.09.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-364.971.793
Carrosserie Autospritzwerk Ludwig AG Landquart GR Ltd 15.07.2015 25.07.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-406.222.044
Chaverim-Stiftung Domat/Ems GR Foundation 29.07.2015 17.09.2015 - Buchs (SG) CHE-112.851.318
Disposan AG Schlieren ZH Ltd 21.06.2019 23.03.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-110.160.479
Dr Risch arc lémanique SA Crissier VD Ltd 08.07.2020 16.02.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-402.242.102
Dr Risch Genève SA Genève GE Ltd 06.05.2021 08.06.2022 - Buchs (SG) CHE-473.153.682
Dr. Risch AG Köniz BE Ltd 18.06.2019 19.03.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-111.644.828
Dr. Risch Holding AG Zürich ZH Ltd 20.03.2017 19.09.2022 - Buchs (SG) CHE-116.379.421
Dr. Risch Ostschweiz AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 15.03.2017 25.11.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-410.034.764
Dr. Risch Services AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 20.10.2016 19.03.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-214.495.488
Dr. Risch Ticino SA Lugano TI Ltd 18.06.2019 15.11.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-111.640.701
Elide Immobilien AG Maienfeld GR Ltd 15.07.2015 25.07.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-480.911.488
Evac AG Grabs SG Ltd 24.12.2020 24.12.2020 - Buchs (SG) CHE-103.866.261
Federer Augenoptik AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 21.06.2016 08.03.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-295.658.541
FONDATION POUR LES AUTRES Zürich ZH Foundation 19.07.2012 19.09.2022 - Buchs (SG) CHE-115.290.132
Heilpädagogische Vereinigung Sarganserland-Werdenberg Wartau SG Association 14.01.2014 15.03.2022 - Buchs (SG) CHE-112.699.186
Heinrich Eggenberger & Cie. AG Grabs SG Ltd 28.02.2012 12.08.2014 - Buchs (SG) CHE-105.718.358
Immo Facility (Schweiz) AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 31.08.2021 31.08.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-110.093.848
ISR Infrastruktur AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 26.09.2014 17.12.2020 - Buchs (SG) CHE-109.539.027
Laboratoire Dr Boillat SA Crissier VD Ltd 20.07.2018 16.02.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-402.823.606
Laboratoires Dr Bregnard SA Courroux JU Ltd 21.06.2019 17.03.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-106.051.605
Lex Immobilien GmbH Buchs (SG) SG LLC 28.03.2012 26.08.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-103.931.906
LG Bau AG Grabs SG Ltd 30.04.2013 02.07.2018 - Buchs (SG) CHE-168.134.737
Ludwig Holding AG Maienfeld GR Ltd 01.07.2015 25.07.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-109.862.913
Med Tech Campus AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 29.10.2015 25.11.2021 - Buchs (SG) CHE-460.723.096
Oberscheider Car Wash AG Widnau SG Ltd 07.09.2018 25.11.2020 - Buchs (SG) CHE-297.486.423
Power Job AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 02.02.2012 25.11.2016 - Buchs (SG) CHE-106.351.421
REONIK Recycling AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 24.04.2012 24.07.2019 - Buchs (SG) CHE-113.989.178

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