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Client list for PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (CHE-106.839.438)

Number of clients: 625
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
1concepts AG Herisau AR Ltd 26.04.2019 1.11 - St. Gallen CHE-342.641.488
24translate GmbH St. Gallen SG LLC 01.07.2015 4.93 - St. Gallen CHE-109.537.092
A4 Prime Properties AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 08.08.2011 8.83 - St. Gallen CHE-110.348.563
ABV Liegenschaften AG Arbon TG Ltd 21.04.1993 27.14 - St. Gallen CHE-101.893.011
Accuro Investment Services AG Zürich ZH Ltd 21.08.2013 6.79 - St. Gallen CHE-112.123.963
acrevis Bank AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 09.09.2002 17.75 - St. Gallen CHE-109.604.788
Ad Oculos Holding AG Zürich ZH Ltd 13.08.1996 23.82 - St. Gallen CHE-103.509.393
Adank & Raumwerk Holding AG Amriswil TG Ltd 24.12.2010 9.45 - St. Gallen CHE-450.847.408
Adcubum AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 31.08.2007 12.77 - St. Gallen CHE-109.278.714
AdNovum Informatik AG Zürich ZH Ltd 03.10.1996 23.68 - St. Gallen CHE-106.013.711
AE Familienholding AG Romanshorn TG Ltd 23.09.2004 15.70 - St. Gallen CHE-112.007.386
Aktiengesellschaft Cellere St. Gallen SG Ltd 13.08.1992 27.82 - St. Gallen CHE-103.429.216
AlbuVille AG Rapperswil-Jona SG Ltd 24.09.2001 18.70 - St. Gallen CHE-109.332.213
Allchemet AG Emmen LU Ltd 27.05.2016 4.02 - St. Gallen CHE-102.304.517
Alno (Schweiz) AG in Liquidation Nidau BE Ltd 23.07.2014 5.87 - St. Gallen CHE-107.822.357
Alpha RHEINTAL Bank AG Au (SG) SG Ltd 27.05.1997 23.04 - St. Gallen CHE-103.170.478
Alpstein Finanz AG Appenzell AI Ltd 09.07.2010 9.91 - St. Gallen CHE-112.122.722
Alterszentrum Kappelhof AG Wittenbach SG Ltd 02.10.2017 2.67 - St. Gallen CHE-497.172.807
ALUWAG AG Niederbüren SG Ltd 29.01.1993 27.36 - St. Gallen CHE-101.867.864
Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen AG Kreuzlingen TG Ltd 15.10.2001 18.65 - St. Gallen CHE-102.629.089
Amcor Flexibles Rorschach AG Rorschach SG Ltd 29.07.1992 27.87 - St. Gallen CHE-105.781.612
APM Holding AG Balgach SG Ltd 28.12.2005 14.44 - St. Gallen CHE-112.693.344
APM Technica AG Balgach SG Ltd 29.10.2002 17.61 - St. Gallen CHE-109.757.305
Appenzeller Kantonalbank Appenzell AI Special legal forms 21.02.2012 8.29 - St. Gallen CHE-108.954.702
Arcolor AG Waldstatt AR Ltd 11.05.2007 13.07 - St. Gallen CHE-108.466.609
ARIZON Sourcing AG in Liquidation St. Gallen SG Ltd 16.12.2014 5.47 - St. Gallen CHE-248.665.860
Arnold Billwiller Stiftung St. Gallen SG Foundation 31.01.2006 14.35 - St. Gallen CHE-109.848.296
ASC Automotive Solution Center Schweiz AG Altstätten SG Ltd 20.12.2017 2.45 - St. Gallen CHE-207.792.165
atrimos ag Wallisellen ZH Ltd 27.05.2004 16.03 - St. Gallen CHE-111.683.188
avara immobilien ag St. Gallen SG Ltd 09.08.2011 8.82 - St. Gallen CHE-115.288.170

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