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Client list for MAZARS SA (CHE-328.124.886)

Number of clients: 8
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Investas AG Bern BE Ltd 12.06.2020 20.05.2022 - Bern CHE-108.688.908
Legato Vermögensmanagement AG Bern BE Ltd 05.09.2022 05.09.2022 - Bern CHE-113.737.027
Losinger Holding AG Luzern LU Ltd 01.11.2021 11.10.2022 - Bern CHE-105.923.556
Losinger Marazzi AG Bern BE Ltd 22.10.2021 22.11.2022 - Bern CHE-106.006.800
VAS AG Rapperswil-Jona SG Ltd 22.10.2021 22.10.2021 - Bern CHE-115.787.912
VSL (Schweiz) AG Bern BE Ltd 25.10.2021 25.10.2021 - Bern CHE-105.897.002
VSL Civil Works AG Subingen SO Ltd 03.12.2021 03.12.2021 - Bern CHE-292.621.843
VSL International AG Bern BE Ltd 10.11.2021 10.11.2021 - Bern CHE-101.405.989

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