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Client list for PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (CHE-106.839.438)

Number of clients: 231
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Adax S.A. La Grande Béroche NE Ltd 12.11.2019 0.56 - Neuchâtel CHE-105.980.896
ADR Toitures - Energies SA Val-de-Ruz NE Ltd 18.05.2015 5.05 - Neuchâtel CHE-102.362.650
Advanced Coffee Investments SA Fribourg FR Ltd 01.04.2011 9.18 - Neuchâtel CHE-115.852.998
Analytecon S.A. Val-de-Travers NE Ltd 19.09.1996 23.72 - Neuchâtel CHE-108.120.708
Anton Paar TriTec SA Corcelles-Cormondrèche NE Ltd 25.10.2005 14.62 - Neuchâtel CHE-105.028.992
ATM Global Logistics Holding SA La Chaux-de-Fonds NE Ltd 09.03.2020 0.24 - Neuchâtel CHE-286.262.670
ATM Global Logistics SA La Chaux-de-Fonds NE Ltd 09.03.2020 0.24 - Neuchâtel CHE-105.847.777
Automobiles Senn S.A. Neuchâtel NE Ltd 17.10.1994 25.65 - Neuchâtel CHE-106.538.669
Automobiles Senn S.A., Montagny-près-Yverdon Montagny-près-Yverdon VD Ltd 13.08.1997 22.82 - Neuchâtel CHE-106.227.146
AXIOMES Engineering SA Romanel-sur-Lausanne VD Ltd 22.01.2009 11.37 - Neuchâtel CHE-114.675.073
Baume & Mercier SA Meyrin GE Ltd 13.08.1993 26.82 - Neuchâtel CHE-108.489.929
Bernard Frei et Cie S.A. Val-de-Travers NE Ltd 07.05.1999 21.09 - Neuchâtel CHE-105.865.746
Bernasconi Participations SA Val-de-Ruz NE Ltd 03.12.2012 7.50 - Neuchâtel CHE-223.750.314
BfKA Ingenieure AG Köniz BE Ltd 18.07.2014 5.88 - Neuchâtel CHE-107.912.084
Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel Neuchâtel NE Foundation 06.12.2007 12.50 - Neuchâtel CHE-100.527.756
Bien-Air Dental SA Biel/Bienne BE Ltd 24.02.1998 22.29 - Neuchâtel CHE-105.855.630
Bien-Air Holding SA Biel/Bienne BE Ltd 11.09.2001 18.74 - Neuchâtel CHE-109.318.124
Bien-Air Surgery SA Le Noirmont JU Ltd 16.08.2001 18.81 - Neuchâtel CHE-109.303.111
Bonhôte Services SA Neuchâtel NE Ltd 03.02.1995 25.35 - Neuchâtel CHE-101.687.316
Bonhôte Trust SA Neuchâtel NE Ltd 03.02.1995 25.35 - Neuchâtel CHE-103.279.046
BT Swiss Trustee SA Neuchâtel NE Ltd 03.02.1995 25.35 - Neuchâtel CHE-101.792.580
Bucher et Walt S.A. Saint-Blaise NE Ltd 08.07.1994 25.92 - Neuchâtel CHE-107.778.354
Cablisys Holding AG in Liquidation Cressier (FR) FR Ltd 27.07.2017 2.85 - Neuchâtel CHE-108.692.525
Cadramont SA La Chaux-de-Fonds NE Ltd 10.10.2012 7.65 - Neuchâtel CHE-115.488.467
Caisse de pensions des cadres Swatch Group Neuchâtel NE Foundation 28.05.2008 12.02 - Neuchâtel CHE-109.933.513
Caisse de Pensions des Entreprises Bien-Air Biel/Bienne BE Foundation 26.05.2008 12.03 - Neuchâtel CHE-110.255.068
Caisse de Pensions du Groupe l'Express en liquidation Neuchâtel NE Foundation 21.07.2008 11.88 - Neuchâtel CHE-109.569.175
Caisse de pensions Swatch Group Neuchâtel NE Foundation 04.09.2007 12.76 - Neuchâtel CHE-108.130.196
Caisse de prévoyance de Camille Bloch SA Courtelary BE Foundation 14.03.2014 6.23 - Neuchâtel CHE-110.507.413
Caisse de retraite en faveur du personnel de S. Facchinetti SA et de ses sociétés affiliées en liquidation Neuchâtel NE Foundation 08.05.2009 11.08 - Neuchâtel CHE-109.795.234

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List generated on 03.06.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have PricewaterhouseCoopers AG recorded as statutory auditor: 4477.

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