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Client list for FIDAG Audit SA (CHE-238.157.763)

Number of clients: 81
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Abici Temporaneo SA Lugano TI Ltd 08.10.2013 30.11.2022 Lausanne CHE-115.793.427
Adelman SA Lancy GE Ltd 16.11.2015 06.09.2022 Genève CHE-397.547.195
akene-concept SA Carouge (GE) GE Ltd 24.12.2021 10.01.2023 Genève CHE-375.382.164
Albedis SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 12.09.2011 18.01.2023 Lausanne CHE-113.310.108
Alver World SA Saint-Aubin (FR) FR Ltd 03.02.2021 24.02.2023 Lausanne CHE-254.470.514
ARFOLIA SA Collonge-Bellerive GE Ltd 06.05.2021 29.12.2022 Genève CHE-229.922.140
Arobase SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 06.01.2012 05.05.2022 Lausanne CHE-434.752.761
Bioanalytica Aareland AG Olten SO Ltd 09.12.2016 26.02.2018 Lausanne CHE-132.535.292
Bioanalytica AG Luzern LU Ltd 14.12.2016 10.03.2021 Lausanne CHE-108.169.979
Bioexam AG Luzern LU Ltd 14.12.2016 14.03.2023 Lausanne CHE-108.315.488
Biriya SA Rolle VD Ltd 16.07.2019 16.07.2019 Genève CHE-370.997.097
Caisse de retraite de Febex S.A. en liquidation Bex VD Foundation 19.07.2007 09.03.2022 Lausanne CHE-109.610.240
Cerutti Sanitaires SA Genève GE Ltd 14.06.2022 14.06.2022 Genève CHE-102.212.370
Clinique Les Alpes SA Montreux VD Ltd 05.02.2021 11.02.2022 Lausanne CHE-115.476.369
COLSOUD HOLDING SA Fribourg FR Ltd 11.05.2006 18.05.2021 Lausanne CHE-112.917.288
Condipart S.A. Fribourg FR Ltd 03.11.2005 15.07.2016 Lausanne CHE-102.415.341
CPMA SA Lausanne VD Ltd 29.10.2014 15.06.2018 Lausanne CHE-112.425.743
DEZEL INDUSTRY SA Genève GE Ltd 07.05.2021 11.05.2021 Genève CHE-467.645.847
Dianalabs SA Genève GE Ltd 30.04.2009 09.09.2014 Lausanne CHE-106.270.550
Dianalabs Valais SA Sion VS Ltd 19.03.2002 02.09.2014 Lausanne CHE-109.508.647
DIANAPATH SA Genève GE Ltd 03.06.2011 03.06.2014 Lausanne CHE-426.723.527
Fertas SA Lausanne VD Ltd 04.08.2014 12.02.2018 Lausanne CHE-110.092.369
FinanSys SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 02.12.2013 29.12.2022 Lausanne CHE-336.234.206
Fine food ratatouille CM Sàrl Lens VS LLC 06.09.2012 20.01.2021 Lausanne CHE-279.813.613
Fondation Collège et Lycée St-Charles Porrentruy JU Foundation 03.02.2017 24.02.2023 Lausanne CHE-483.072.542
Fondation de Nant Corsier-sur-Vevey VD Foundation 04.09.2019 26.01.2023 Lausanne CHE-105.732.513
Fondation de Soutien à l'Espérance Etoy VD Foundation 31.01.2022 31.01.2022 Lausanne CHE-193.593.829
Fondation Jean-Claude Arnold Sion VS Foundation 20.12.2022 20.12.2022 Sion CHE-369.170.122
Fondation Les Perce-Neige Val-de-Ruz NE Foundation 27.09.2016 18.02.2022 Lausanne CHE-105.822.760

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List generated on 31.05.2023. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have FIDAG Audit SA recorded as statutory auditor: 7.