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Client list for Fiduciaire FIDAG SA (CHE-196.562.446)

Number of clients: 31
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Action FRSA Fondation Romande SourdAveugles Monthey VS Foundation 14.07.2021 24.08.2022 Monthey CHE-379.883.821
Advanced Hull Dynamics AHD Production S.A. Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 27.06.2011 27.01.2023 Monthey CHE-106.657.417
B. Jaquerod S.A. Vouvry VS Ltd 09.10.2013 01.07.2021 Monthey CHE-107.434.647
Cabinet médical du Verger SA Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 04.10.2018 28.12.2022 Monthey CHE-290.903.093
Caisse de pensions de l'Industrie de Pierres Scientifiques Hrand Djevahirdjian SA à Monthey Monthey VS Foundation 17.03.2017 21.04.2021 Monthey CHE-109.345.658
Coopérative Centre Régional Travail & Orientation - CRTO Monthey VS Cooperative 02.04.2014 08.04.2022 Monthey CHE-106.110.142
D. & G. Charlet-Ançay & Fils SA Gryon VD Ltd 12.07.2018 12.07.2018 Monthey CHE-359.389.535
Djeva Production SA en liquidation Monthey VS Ltd 02.03.2017 11.11.2021 Monthey CHE-101.281.902
Equipement touristique de Chalet-Neuf-Bellevue S.A. Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 04.05.1998 01.03.2021 Monthey CHE-102.513.274
Fondation Explorado Suisse Aigle VD Foundation 10.07.2014 10.07.2014 Monthey CHE-197.111.371
Industrie de pierres scientifiques Hrand Djevahirdjian SA Monthey Monthey VS Ltd 15.05.2017 25.01.2021 Monthey CHE-101.820.443
La Charmaie SA Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 23.02.2022 23.02.2022 Monthey CHE-187.411.191
La Réponse Sàrl Saint-Maurice VS LLC 21.03.2022 21.03.2022 Monthey CHE-148.392.503
Le Manoir du Vigneron SA en liquidation Vionnaz VS Ltd 09.07.2020 20.12.2022 Monthey CHE-301.537.646
Les Marmettes FRSA Fondation Romande SourdAveugles Monthey VS Foundation 06.12.2019 18.01.2023 Monthey CHE-110.297.799
MAXI BAZAR SA Monthey VS Ltd 15.06.2015 20.06.2022 Monthey CHE-114.327.703
MJ CVS SA Vouvry VS Ltd 06.01.2014 22.06.2022 Monthey CHE-113.714.055
Optigestion Services Immobiliers SA Neuchâtel NE Ltd 09.11.2016 11.10.2021 Monthey CHE-102.119.463
POUJOULAT Switzerland SA Sierre VS Ltd 05.12.2018 21.12.2022 Monthey CHE-105.235.344
Satom SA Monthey VS Ltd 28.10.1996 07.07.2022 Monthey CHE-101.539.325
Société d'exploitation des infrastructures touristiques des Dents du Midi SA Champéry VS Ltd 07.01.2022 05.09.2022 Monthey CHE-315.814.786
Société du lac de la Petite Camargue SA Port-Valais VS Ltd 06.05.2002 07.06.2022 Monthey CHE-103.224.074
Sollertia, Monthey SA Monthey VS Ltd 13.11.2019 19.08.2020 Monthey CHE-101.319.864
Sollertia, Ouest SA Saint-Sulpice (VD) VD Ltd 13.11.2019 26.08.2020 Monthey CHE-105.848.067
Sollertia, Riviera SA Corseaux VD Ltd 13.11.2019 26.08.2020 Monthey CHE-114.665.778
Sorgeco SA Monthey VS Ltd 27.03.2014 26.03.2021 Monthey CHE-485.838.060
Spaar Automobiles S.A. en liquidation Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 08.03.2011 10.06.2021 Monthey CHE-101.942.891
STI TELECOM SA Monthey VS Ltd 17.11.2008 11.04.2019 Monthey CHE-110.164.514
SWISS FACILITIES Sàrl Collombey-Muraz VS LLC 30.12.2019 30.12.2019 Monthey CHE-114.665.465
Thermoflex SA Lonay VD Ltd 14.10.2021 14.10.2021 Monthey CHE-112.422.845

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List generated on 01.02.2023. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Fiduciaire FIDAG SA recorded as statutory auditor: 293.