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Client list for KPMG AG (CHE-106.084.881)

Number of clients: 215
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Listed Auditor Place (Branch) UID
ACCOLO S.A. Fribourg FR Ltd 06.11.2008 11.58 - Lausanne CHE-100.438.897
Agena SA Moudon VD Ltd 14.10.2016 3.64 - Lausanne CHE-105.733.665
ALLIANCE INVESTMENT GROUP SA Genève GE Ltd 24.11.2010 9.53 - Lausanne CHE-112.130.271
ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT SA Genève GE Ltd 15.10.2010 9.64 - Lausanne CHE-110.054.110
Alma Extrusions AG La Sonnaz FR Ltd 21.07.2010 9.88 - Lausanne CHE-115.842.793
Applied Materials Switzerland Sàrl, in Liquidation Lausanne VD LLC 06.10.2011 8.67 - Lausanne CHE-108.737.820
ASSOCIATION MEDICALE DU CENTRE THERMAL D'YVERDON-LES-BAINS en liquidation Yverdon-les-Bains VD Association 06.03.2015 5.25 - Lausanne CHE-110.478.059
Beaulieu SA Lausanne VD Ltd 22.07.2019 0.87 - Lausanne CHE-416.831.730
BG Bonnard & Gardel Holding SA Lausanne VD Ltd 18.02.1998 22.30 - Lausanne CHE-101.369.595
BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA Lausanne VD Ltd 27.03.2000 20.20 - Lausanne CHE-105.953.132
Bio-Molkerei Seeland AG Biel/Bienne BE Ltd 25.03.2015 5.20 - Lausanne CHE-459.608.413
Bio-Rad Europe GmbH Basel BS LLC 05.01.2017 3.41 - Lausanne CHE-378.386.158
Bio-Rad IHC Europe GmbH Basel BS LLC 05.01.2017 3.41 - Lausanne CHE-480.037.199
Bio-Rad Laboratories AG Cressier (FR) FR Ltd 05.02.2014 6.33 - Lausanne CHE-107.928.346
Bottega Veneta SA Cadempino TI Ltd 20.06.2012 7.96 - Lausanne CHE-213.619.492
Brauchli SA Forel (Lavaux) VD Ltd 16.11.2016 3.55 - Lausanne CHE-101.093.973
Caisse de pensions CFN Suisse Lucens VD Foundation 25.07.2007 12.87 - Lausanne CHE-109.591.157
Caisse de Pensions des Usines Métallurgiques à Vallorbe Vallorbe VD Foundation 10.03.2006 14.24 - Lausanne CHE-109.787.536
Caisse de pensions en faveur du personnel de MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA en liquidation Lausanne VD Foundation 08.03.2013 7.24 - Lausanne CHE-109.767.663
Caisse de retraite de Villars Holding S.A. Fribourg FR Foundation 22.09.2010 9.70 - Lausanne CHE-109.786.413
Caisse de retraite du Groupe Baumgartner Holding SA Crissier VD Foundation 20.07.2007 12.88 - Lausanne CHE-109.764.044
Care Management Suisse Sàrl Veytaux VD LLC 11.07.2008 11.90 - Lausanne CHE-105.360.995
CDI-SOCIETE COTONNIERE DE DISTRIBUTION S.A. Lausanne VD Ltd 30.07.1999 20.86 - Lausanne CHE-105.071.427
Centre Mondial du Cyclisme Aigle VD Foundation 19.04.2012 8.13 - Lausanne CHE-101.181.873
CMC Exploitation SA Aigle VD Ltd 17.10.2012 7.63 - Lausanne CHE-102.185.276
Coface Re SA Lausanne VD Ltd 20.05.2015 5.04 - Lausanne CHE-418.700.694
Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale du Gaz SA Vevey VD Ltd 09.11.2007 12.58 - Lausanne CHE-105.926.193
Corelltech SA Vevey VD Ltd 12.12.2017 2.48 - Lausanne CHE-101.881.597
Cosvegaz SA Cossonay VD Ltd 04.11.2016 3.58 - Lausanne CHE-107.971.804
CPW Operations S.à r.l. Prilly VD LLC 23.11.2000 19.54 - Lausanne CHE-101.311.199

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List generated on 03.06.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have KPMG AG recorded as statutory auditor: 3088.

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