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Client list for JOLIFID CONSULTING di J. RUSIMBAMIGERA (CHE-158.383.233)

Number of clients: 8
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Agalph Holding AG Chiasso TI Ltd 27.08.2020 27.08.2020 Mendrisio CHE-102.450.900
Belcosmo SA Mendrisio TI Ltd 27.08.2020 27.08.2020 Mendrisio CHE-100.389.000
Finimondo Sagl Lugano TI LLC 09.03.2020 05.08.2020 Mendrisio CHE-142.051.593
SensDRB GmbH Horw LU LLC 05.06.2020 08.10.2020 Mendrisio CHE-166.380.627
Siani-Colarusso SA Lugano TI Ltd 04.03.2019 04.03.2019 Mendrisio CHE-108.456.901
SPQR costruzioni e conservazioni Sagl Ponte Tresa TI LLC 03.12.2020 03.12.2020 Mendrisio CHE-113.533.401
Teknoimpianti SA Morbio Inferiore TI Ltd 15.01.2021 15.01.2021 Mendrisio CHE-116.033.129
WSS SA Chiasso TI Ltd 02.05.2019 02.05.2019 Mendrisio CHE-202.457.133

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