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Client list for AUDIT PRESTIGE SA (CHE-112.230.932)

Number of clients: 45
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
A B I Administration de Biens Immobiliers SA Genève GE Ltd 07.11.2016 29.08.2022 Satigny CHE-105.489.198
Ai4 Architecture & Investissements Sàrl Cologny GE LLC 04.10.2022 04.10.2022 Satigny CHE-213.503.688
BIF, Bureau d'Investissements Fonciers SA Genève GE Ltd 23.01.2023 23.01.2023 Satigny CHE-108.525.689
Buvette des Bains Sàrl Genève GE LLC 01.04.2022 01.04.2022 Satigny CHE-112.734.730
Café du Pont de Peney SA Satigny GE Ltd 25.01.2012 11.12.2020 Satigny CHE-459.142.685
Capitol Holding SA Fribourg FR Ltd 10.11.2017 15.06.2022 Satigny CHE-102.498.350
CAVE & DOMAINE LES PERRIERES SA Satigny GE Ltd 25.09.2006 29.03.2023 Satigny CHE-113.172.378
Cirano International SA Carouge (GE) GE Ltd 30.07.2019 30.07.2019 Satigny CHE-179.170.803
CVSTOS THE TIME KEEPER SA Genève GE Ltd 09.04.2021 29.09.2022 Satigny CHE-112.089.929
DOMAINE ROCHAIX SA Satigny GE Ltd 27.11.2009 31.03.2023 Satigny CHE-112.825.605
DUPONT SA Genève GE Ltd 02.05.2017 10.02.2023 Satigny CHE-106.263.248
Editions Zoé SA Chêne-Bourg GE Ltd 29.03.2012 19.07.2018 Satigny CHE-112.403.345
Electro Painters SA Nyon VD Ltd 13.04.2011 25.03.2020 Satigny CHE-100.915.992
Entreprise Jean Lanoir SA Genève GE Ltd 15.10.2010 25.11.2020 Satigny CHE-107.955.171
Eric Montanier SA Plan-les-Ouates GE Ltd 09.01.2019 24.06.2021 Satigny CHE-116.357.218
Fondation ANTCHER-RESTELLINI Genève GE Foundation 21.10.2020 07.12.2020 Satigny CHE-495.243.566
Fondation Daniel et Judith Boyer Satigny GE Foundation 28.11.2018 08.04.2019 Satigny CHE-152.458.803
FONDATION RACINES ET SOURCES Genève GE Foundation 25.04.2008 26.08.2020 Satigny CHE-109.469.444
Ganesha Foundation Genève GE Foundation 03.02.2022 03.02.2022 Satigny CHE-248.120.069
GL CONSULTING SARL Genève GE LLC 22.10.2010 22.10.2010 Satigny CHE-109.504.804
Harry Baerlocher SA Genève GE Ltd 15.10.2010 25.11.2020 Satigny CHE-107.858.409
HIGHTEKERS Sàrl Genève GE LLC 11.03.2021 30.08.2022 Satigny CHE-114.281.774
IMMO-PASSION SA Vich VD Ltd 21.11.2022 21.11.2022 Satigny CHE-112.665.537
IMPRIMERIE DU MOLESON CORIS SA Meyrin GE Ltd 04.02.2011 01.11.2016 Satigny CHE-113.776.719
INGINIA SA Vernier GE Ltd 02.07.2013 14.10.2019 Satigny CHE-115.638.790
ITPF Isolations SA Vernier GE Ltd 24.05.2017 10.02.2021 Satigny CHE-114.766.586
JOPEL SA Genève GE Ltd 23.01.2023 23.01.2023 Satigny CHE-107.955.113
K. COSKUN SA Meyrin GE Ltd 29.11.2021 29.11.2021 Satigny CHE-418.099.112
LAB CONSULTING (BSL) Sàrl Basel BS LLC 26.06.2019 17.03.2022 Satigny CHE-383.144.626
Le Passeur de Vin SA Genève GE Ltd 05.04.2022 05.04.2022 Satigny CHE-109.870.657

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List generated on 02.04.2023. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have AUDIT PRESTIGE SA recorded as statutory auditor: 7.