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Client list for Fidusafe SA (CHE-109.373.519)

Number of clients: 24
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
AlgoBrain SA Genève GE Ltd 23.11.2021 23.11.2021 Vernier CHE-393.281.029
ART CONNECTION SA Genève GE Ltd 30.10.2019 09.06.2021 Vernier CHE-113.262.277
Constructions tubulaires TECH SA Satigny GE Ltd 04.08.2022 04.08.2022 Vernier CHE-107.695.047
ECHO SA Genève GE Ltd 14.10.2019 10.08.2022 Vernier CHE-107.749.631
FIGEST CONSEIL SA Genève GE Ltd 24.01.2014 27.05.2022 Vernier CHE-100.275.112
Figestor SA Genève GE Ltd 07.01.2016 08.08.2022 Vernier CHE-113.650.679
FIGILEX SA Genève GE Ltd 16.01.2019 02.02.2021 Vernier CHE-100.864.797
Fondation Chasidim Genève GE Foundation 31.01.2022 03.05.2022 Vernier CHE-497.282.896
Fondation de la société Lachenal SA Genève GE Foundation 13.08.2019 03.03.2022 Vernier CHE-109.523.291
Fondation Roland DOURNOW Sion VS Foundation 23.07.2019 05.09.2022 Vernier CHE-114.099.028
Geneux Dancet SA Meyrin GE Ltd 22.07.2019 17.03.2022 Vernier CHE-105.904.814
Geoffray Holding SA Genève GE Ltd 31.01.2022 31.01.2022 Vernier CHE-409.703.825
GOTTFRIED KAESEREI AG Pully VD Ltd 01.06.2021 01.06.2021 Vernier CHE-365.342.068
Infosource SA Lancy GE Ltd 08.06.2015 23.05.2019 Vernier CHE-103.259.256
L.T.O.S SA Sion VS Ltd 27.05.2021 27.05.2021 Vernier CHE-340.217.702
Pharmex Group Holding SA Sion VS Ltd 13.07.2021 13.07.2021 Vernier CHE-302.596.321
Pharmex SA Genève GE Ltd 27.05.2021 07.07.2021 Vernier CHE-474.458.109
Precom Global SA Genève GE Ltd 16.12.2021 13.04.2022 Vernier CHE-243.265.269
Royal Grain SA Genève GE Ltd 27.05.2021 09.07.2021 Vernier CHE-359.527.010
THE BLUE LANTERN FOUNDATION Genève GE Foundation 21.04.2016 01.07.2016 Vernier CHE-370.244.098
THE HOUSE OF TRUST SA Genève GE Ltd 19.06.2020 19.06.2020 Vernier CHE-383.675.390
Traside SA Genève GE Ltd 24.06.2019 24.08.2020 Vernier CHE-107.964.230
Vertex SA Genève GE Ltd 25.01.2022 25.01.2022 Vernier CHE-108.431.410
Yellowrock SA Genève GE Ltd 25.01.2022 25.01.2022 Vernier CHE-486.355.835

List generated on 26.09.2022. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Fidusafe SA recorded as statutory auditor: 1.