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Client list for JRT JÜRG ROHRER TREUHAND AG (CHE-108.016.100)

Number of clients: 14
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Amstutz Produkte AG Eschenbach (LU) LU Ltd 20.11.2023 15.01.2024 Buchs (SG) CHE-105.930.384
CORMOTOR GmbH Altstätten SG LLC 29.10.2018 29.12.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-184.748.292
Eggenberger Haustechnik AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 12.10.2017 15.01.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-107.788.967
FRIPOO Produkte AG Grüningen ZH Ltd 13.10.2021 28.03.2023 Buchs (SG) CHE-106.938.224
Garage Sulser AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 19.01.1994 22.08.2019 Buchs (SG) CHE-107.784.596
Gehoga AG Buchs (SG) SG Ltd 31.10.2005 25.03.2021 Buchs (SG) CHE-103.060.855
LAEMMLE Chemicals AG Russikon ZH Ltd 19.09.2011 18.07.2023 Buchs (SG) CHE-189.862.392
LAEMMLE Holding AG Russikon ZH Ltd 06.04.2010 18.07.2023 Buchs (SG) CHE-114.377.960
Multy Lack AG Lutzenberg AR Ltd 17.04.2015 17.04.2015 Buchs (SG) CHE-175.616.208
rzJob GmbH Buchs (SG) SG LLC 20.02.2014 24.02.2015 Buchs (SG) CHE-110.205.610
SANACURIA AG Chur GR Ltd 26.05.2009 28.05.2020 Buchs (SG) CHE-113.066.345
swidro ag Steinhausen ZG Ltd 04.07.2016 04.05.2023 Buchs (SG) CHE-108.242.056
Wedro AG Grabs SG Ltd 01.07.1993 06.04.2022 Buchs (SG) CHE-106.067.641
Wohnbaugenossenschaft Glana Buchs (SG) SG Cooperative 12.08.2008 18.07.2023 Buchs (SG) CHE-100.383.150

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