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Client list for PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (CHE-106.839.438)

Number of clients: 6'460
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Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
"Nordsee" AG Zug ZG 03.02.2012 8.31 Zürich CHE-101.186.244
1concepts AG Herisau AR 26.04.2019 1.08 St. Gallen CHE-342.641.488
20 Minuten Advertising AG Küsnacht (ZH) ZH 12.11.2019 0.53 Zürich CHE-494.878.897
24translate GmbH St. Gallen SG 01.07.2015 4.90 St. Gallen CHE-109.537.092
2R MEDIA SA Locarno TI 13.11.2017 2.53 Lugano CHE-100.978.509
2Xideas AG Küsnacht (ZH) ZH 11.12.2015 4.46 Zürich CHE-226.650.413
3 Plus Group AG Hergiswil (NW) NW 30.10.2019 0.57 Aarau CHE-110.165.608
3 Plus TV Network AG Schlieren ZH 04.11.2019 0.56 Aarau CHE-112.994.171
3AP AG Zürich ZH 03.10.2019 0.64 Zürich CHE-294.744.505
3D2cut SA Sierre VS 31.05.2019 0.99 Zürich CHE-343.497.076
3db Access AG Thalwil ZH 13.09.2016 3.70 Zürich CHE-196.648.740
3H Pré-Bois Meyrin SA Meyrin GE 21.03.2005 15.19 Zürich CHE-103.254.224
3M (East) AG Risch ZG 09.08.1994 25.81 Zürich CHE-106.932.776
3M (Schweiz) GmbH Rüschlikon ZH 17.07.2014 5.86 Zürich CHE-105.936.180
3M EMEA GmbH Langenthal BE 01.11.2012 7.57 Zürich CHE-213.398.457
3V Asset Management AG Zürich ZH 11.06.1997 22.97 Zürich CHE-108.624.972
4B AG Hochdorf LU 04.07.2019 0.89 Luzern CHE-105.973.376
4B Holding AG Zug ZG 20.06.2019 0.93 Luzern CHE-103.509.619
5 ATLANTIS AG Zürich ZH 19.02.2020 0.26 Zürich CHE-492.789.515
62 Rhône Participations SA Genève GE 10.08.2016 3.79 Genève CHE-393.560.469
7Days Food Services AG Egerkingen SO 02.07.2015 4.90 Zürich CHE-406.659.783
a-connect (group) ag Zürich ZH 25.06.2002 17.93 Zürich CHE-109.611.185
a-connect (schweiz) ag Zürich ZH 24.05.2004 16.01 Zürich CHE-111.657.854
A. Blatter AG Bern BE 30.05.2006 14.00 Bern CHE-112.946.321
A. Menarini AG Zürich ZH 29.12.2004 15.41 Zürich CHE-108.528.860
A.H. Meyer & Cie AG Zürich ZH 11.01.2002 18.38 Zürich CHE-102.337.830
A.H. Meyer & Cie AG - Personalvorsorgestiftung Zürich ZH 20.12.2006 13.44 Zürich CHE-109.727.586
A.H. Meyer & Cie AG - Wohlfahrts-Stiftung Zürich ZH 20.12.2006 13.44 Zürich CHE-109.727.592
A.H. Meyer Holding AG Zürich ZH 20.10.1995 24.61 Zürich CHE-107.838.588
A.P. Moller Finance SA Genève GE 23.07.2014 5.84 Genève CHE-101.670.020

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List generated on 25.05.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have PricewaterhouseCoopers AG recorded as statutory auditor: 4469.

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