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Client list for KPMG AG (CHE-106.084.881)

Number of clients: 3'024
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Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
"Bibliomedia Schweiz - öffentliche Stiftung" (BMS) Bern BE 26.01.2009 11.33 Muri bei Bern CHE-105.830.305
"The Nobel Sustainability Trust" Foundation Zürich ZH 23.08.2007 12.76 Luzern CHE-113.775.648
1875 Finance SA Genève GE 24.09.2014 5.67 Lancy CHE-112.734.090
1to4 Foundation Lignières NE 17.12.2010 9.44 Neuchâtel CHE-116.350.127
88 RUE DU RHONE S.A. en liquidation La Chaux-de-Fonds NE 10.10.2013 6.63 Lancy CHE-156.775.071
A + U Kaderberatung AG Basel BS 17.09.1999 20.70 Basel CHE-106.034.676
A. Bill AG Köniz BE 15.05.2001 19.04 Muri bei Bern CHE-107.146.970
A. Bürgi AG Bülach Bülach ZH 21.03.1994 26.20 Zürich CHE-108.047.833
A. Dürr & Co Aktiengesellschaft Basel BS 25.05.2010 10.01 Zürich CHE-105.970.745
Aarekraftwerk Klingnau AG Klingnau AG 22.01.2020 0.34 Zürich CHE-251.706.206
Abacus Business Solutions AG Thalwil ZH 03.09.2019 0.73 St. Gallen CHE-108.379.382
Abacus Holding AG Wittenbach SG 24.09.2019 0.67 St. Gallen CHE-109.278.625
Abacus Research AG Wittenbach SG 19.09.2019 0.68 St. Gallen CHE-110.365.544
Abatek International AG Bassersdorf ZH 29.11.2016 3.49 Zürich CHE-102.763.894
ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd Zürich ZH 22.05.2018 2.01 Zürich CHE-106.239.600
ABB Canada EL Holding GmbH Zürich ZH 26.06.2019 0.92 Zürich CHE-183.593.035
ABB Capital AG Zürich ZH 22.11.2019 0.51 Zürich CHE-428.092.293
ABB Equity AG Zürich ZH 13.06.2018 1.95 Zürich CHE-339.023.982
ABB Finanz AG Zürich ZH 06.06.2018 1.97 Zürich CHE-114.550.402
ABB Immobilien AG Baden AG 17.05.2018 2.02 Zürich CHE-108.342.203
ABB INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS (SWITZERLAND) SA Gambarogno TI 14.03.2002 18.21 Lugano CHE-104.748.339
ABB Information Systems AG Zürich ZH 13.07.2018 1.87 Zürich CHE-104.327.825
ABB Intra AG Baden AG 17.09.2018 1.69 Zürich CHE-110.288.582
ABB Investment Holding 2 GmbH Zürich ZH 06.03.2019 1.22 Zürich CHE-203.422.841
ABB Investment Holding GmbH in Liquidation Zürich ZH 06.08.2018 1.80 Zürich CHE-413.937.881
ABB Ltd Zürich ZH 11.04.2018 2.12 Zürich CHE-101.049.653
ABB Management Holding AG Zürich ZH 25.09.2018 1.67 Zürich CHE-339.599.331
ABB Management Services AG Zürich ZH 13.07.2018 1.87 Zürich CHE-103.362.919
ABB PG Participations AG Zürich ZH 23.10.2018 1.59 Zürich CHE-257.408.859
ABB PG Power Grids AG Zürich ZH 20.03.2020 0.18 Zürich CHE-178.568.468

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List generated on 25.05.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have KPMG AG recorded as statutory auditor: 3080.

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