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Client list for FIDUSERVICE S.A. (CHE-105.888.799)

Number of clients: 31
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Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Applimed SA Châtel-Saint-Denis FR 01.03.2005 14.98 Fribourg CHE-103.883.070
Ateliers Firmann S.A. Bulle Bulle FR 05.12.2002 17.22 Bulle CHE-101.432.733
ATN Diffusion LPF S.A. Bas-Intyamon FR 12.09.2001 18.45 Bulle CHE-106.389.754
Auguste Buchs S.A. Jaun FR 12.07.2000 19.62 Bulle CHE-102.277.659
Carrosserie Nyfeler SA Bulle FR 11.12.2017 2.19 Fribourg CHE-110.340.604
Centre d'Imagerie du Nord Vaudois (CINOV) SA Yverdon-les-Bains VD 18.02.2020 0.01 Fribourg CHE-112.105.161
Châtel Holding S.A. Châtel-Saint-Denis FR 01.03.2005 14.98 Fribourg CHE-104.353.656
Crinimax CLEMENT PEINTURE SA Fribourg FR 22.10.2014 5.33 Fribourg CHE-112.975.481
ECI COMMERCIAL SA Genève GE 13.01.2020 0.10 Genève CHE-103.164.199
FD Holding SA Neyruz (FR) FR 09.09.2016 3.45 Fribourg CHE-103.643.229
Fondation de la Ville de Fribourg en faveur du logement Fribourg FR 05.12.2016 3.21 Fribourg CHE-109.361.798
Fondation Emploi Solidarité Fribourg FR 22.10.2015 4.33 Fribourg CHE-106.109.096
Fondation Institut International des Droits de l'Enfant Sion VS 18.05.2016 3.76 Fribourg CHE-109.343.866
Garage Central Fribourg SA Fribourg FR 20.10.2016 3.34 Fribourg CHE-210.098.964
Gaston Gross & Fils S.A. Villars-sur-Glâne FR 26.03.2013 6.91 Fribourg CHE-101.539.130
J. Oulevey S.A. Payerne VD 12.09.2016 3.44 Fribourg CHE-106.997.072
JetSolutions SA Gibloux FR 04.05.2016 3.80 Fribourg CHE-109.608.303
L'Echine d'Or SA Givisiez FR 11.08.2016 3.53 Fribourg CHE-101.738.623
Lea Nettoyage Sàrl Villars-sur-Glâne FR 10.03.2009 10.96 Fribourg CHE-108.334.882
LEATECH SA Alterswil FR 03.03.2003 16.98 Fribourg CHE-110.039.033
Los Lorentes Foundation Bulle FR 06.07.2017 2.63 Fribourg CHE-114.932.502
Micro-Finish SA Villeneuve (VD) VD 22.12.2015 4.17 Fribourg CHE-421.784.757
Moncor Automobiles SA Villars-sur-Glâne FR 09.09.2016 3.45 Fribourg CHE-111.726.030
Noveras AG Freienbach SZ 08.10.2019 0.37 Zürich CHE-296.494.696
Noveras Services AG Zürich ZH 11.10.2019 0.36 Zürich CHE-326.870.748
Pauli Frères Menuiserie Progens SA La Verrerie FR 13.11.2019 0.27 Fribourg CHE-107.759.629
Pillonel-Giner SA Estavayer FR 01.03.2017 2.98 Fribourg CHE-107.774.445
Romeco 2000 SA Givisiez FR 27.12.2019 0.15 Fribourg CHE-108.457.013
SI Meco S.A. Givisiez FR 27.12.2019 0.15 Fribourg CHE-107.915.220
Société Coopérative d'Habitation de Renens et agglomération Renens (VD) VD 10.01.2020 0.11 Fribourg CHE-103.323.546

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List generated on 20.02.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have FIDUSERVICE S.A. recorded as statutory auditor: 6.

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