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Client list for Fiduciaire FIDAG SA (CHE-105.760.685)

Number of clients: 802
Entity Name Domicile Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
"Sagrave" Société anonyme pour l'exploitation des sables et graviers du Léman Lausanne VD Ltd 29.07.2020 15.04.2021 Lausanne CHE-105.764.217
AAG Holdings SA Lens VS Ltd 16.10.2020 16.10.2020 Sierre CHE-357.161.091
AB Art Bois SA Sion VS Ltd 05.03.1997 06.11.2020 Sion CHE-107.471.281
Action FRSA Fondation Romande SourdAveugles Monthey VS Foundation 14.07.2021 24.08.2022 Monthey CHE-379.883.821
ADATIS S.A. Martigny VS Ltd 19.12.2003 10.06.2021 Martigny CHE-101.644.264
Adea SA Sion VS Ltd 03.11.1997 n/a Sion CHE-101.264.080
Advanced Hull Dynamics AHD Production S.A. Collombey-Muraz VS Ltd 27.06.2011 01.04.2020 Monthey CHE-106.657.417
Aether Société coopérative Sion VS Cooperative 06.04.2009 14.12.2018 Martigny CHE-114.798.592
Agence Eugster SA Val de Bagnes VS Ltd 18.11.2008 15.08.2022 Sion CHE-114.586.469
agenceFIFApro SA Genève GE Ltd 07.01.2021 11.05.2021 Sion CHE-112.513.577
AGROL-SIERRE société coopérative Sierre VS Cooperative 26.04.2012 06.10.2021 Martigny CHE-105.758.984
Air-Glaciers SA Sion VS Ltd 30.04.1998 08.04.2022 Sion CHE-105.760.320
AJS production SA Porrentruy JU Ltd 08.10.2008 05.05.2021 Sion CHE-109.240.278
Alanan SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 14.04.1998 17.05.2021 Lens CHE-102.695.666
Alarick SA Sion VS Ltd 01.03.2002 08.02.2021 Sion CHE-109.493.796
Alhia Holding SA Sion VS Ltd 13.09.2007 04.04.2014 Sion CHE-113.804.600
Alhia Real Estate Holding SA Sion VS Ltd 09.04.2019 09.04.2019 Sion CHE-278.917.380
ALIMENTATION DE L'ACHELLI SA Anniviers VS Ltd 21.05.2007 21.04.2021 Martigny CHE-113.626.913
ALL-FRUITS SA Martigny VS Ltd 02.04.2008 26.10.2020 Martigny CHE-114.145.763
ALPCOM SA Sion VS Ltd 04.12.2003 02.12.2019 Sion CHE-110.322.606
Alpes et Lac SA Sion VS Ltd 21.02.2019 13.10.2021 Lens CHE-101.909.600
ALPHA WasserTechnik AG Nidau BE Ltd 17.03.2017 21.06.2022 Sion CHE-284.231.061
Alpina & Savoy SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 20.11.2009 12.08.2021 Martigny CHE-115.209.288
ALTIS Groupe SA Val de Bagnes VS Ltd 20.12.2017 06.05.2022 Martigny CHE-391.556.528
Altitude Ecole de Ski et de Snowboard Sàrl Val de Bagnes VS LLC 07.01.2009 02.02.2021 Martigny CHE-109.584.128
AluInfra Services SA Sierre VS Ltd 26.11.2019 01.02.2022 Sierre CHE-263.252.169
Amadeus Distribution Sàrl Crans-Montana VS LLC 19.12.2012 17.03.2021 Lens CHE-104.805.291
Aminona Luxury Resort and Village SA Crans-Montana VS Ltd 04.12.2007 29.04.2022 Lens CHE-113.952.353
AMTS SA Lausanne VD Ltd 22.07.2011 22.07.2011 Sion CHE-112.158.128
André Sierro SA Sion VS Ltd 18.02.1994 30.06.2021 Sion CHE-105.907.557

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List generated on 09.12.2022. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Fiduciaire FIDAG SA recorded as statutory auditor: 285.