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Client list for Berney Associés Audit SA (CHE-102.136.421)

Number of clients: 602
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Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Aaqius & Aaqius SA Genève GE 06.07.2006 13.66 Genève CHE-113.003.445
Academic Work Switzerland SA Genève GE 18.12.2015 4.20 Genève CHE-113.295.325
Acqua Capital International Ltd. Sion VS 23.12.2011 8.19 Genève CHE-478.857.017
ADAMA SA Bourg-en-Lavaux VD 18.10.2006 13.37 Lausanne CHE-113.207.203
Adas SA Lancy GE 07.08.2009 10.57 Genève CHE-100.310.576
ADAS-IMMO SA Lancy GE 30.07.2010 9.59 Genève CHE-111.780.845
AEVIS VICTORIA SA Fribourg FR 18.08.2010 9.54 Genève CHE-100.842.382
AFRICAO TRADING SA Lancy GE 17.06.2016 3.70 Genève CHE-313.051.540
AGRI COMPANY SA Genève GE 11.06.2009 10.72 Genève CHE-114.900.548
Agrifrance SA Plan-les-Ouates GE 28.07.1998 21.60 Genève CHE-105.818.735
AGRO COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL SA Genève GE 30.10.2018 1.33 Genève CHE-466.879.124
AiM Services Holding SA Genève GE 23.12.2015 4.19 Genève CHE-345.511.511
AIM Services SA Genève GE 13.07.2016 3.63 Genève CHE-112.136.629
AIR-MONTAGE SA Genève GE 29.04.2010 9.84 Genève CHE-111.702.124
AISO SA Genève GE 21.09.2009 10.44 Genève CHE-100.940.843
Aléa, prévoyance funéraire S.A. Lausanne VD 19.06.2002 17.71 Lausanne CHE-101.572.417
Ally Coffee Trading SA Lausanne VD 23.12.2015 4.19 Genève CHE-132.925.055
ALPEXO SA Genève GE 08.08.2016 3.56 Genève CHE-240.088.203
AMARANTE INVESTISSEMENT SA Etoy VD 25.08.2005 14.52 Lausanne CHE-112.486.182
Amity Energy SA Genève GE 08.05.2002 17.82 Genève CHE-109.570.913
ANNEXIS SA Genève GE 04.01.2008 12.16 Genève CHE-113.998.042
Anoka SA Genève GE 08.03.2018 1.98 Genève CHE-335.854.843
Aramis Capital SA Neuchâtel NE 06.10.2006 13.41 Genève CHE-101.272.240
ARC Building SA Troistorrents VS 11.09.2019 0.47 Genève CHE-115.279.426
ARC Holding SA Troistorrents VS 11.09.2019 0.47 Genève CHE-114.540.415
Arkoil Management SA Pregny-Chambésy GE 14.10.2009 10.38 Genève CHE-115.127.851
Arma Bau RB SA Romanel-sur-Lausanne VD 23.01.2018 2.10 Genève CHE-296.322.960
Arran SA, en liquidation Genève GE 18.08.1997 22.55 Genève CHE-108.651.147
ART SETTING SA Carouge (GE) GE 16.08.2017 2.54 Genève CHE-407.220.119
ARTSANIT Sàrl Lancy GE 09.01.2017 3.14 Genève CHE-109.097.704

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List generated on 28.02.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Berney Associés Audit SA recorded as statutory auditor: 165.

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